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Growing a small business with a trusted marketing agency

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Recently, I decided to get out of the corporate world and start my own marketing agency called Brainstorm Marketing Partners (BMP) catering to small businesses in the Roanoke, Virginia region. You are probably wondering why I decided to go on this adventure and take this type of risk. Simply-put...I am passionate about my career in marketing and I want to help other businesses achieve success.

I understand the marketing frustrations entrepreneurs face when starting their own business and how the visibility of the brand is important to maintain a business’s customers.

Ask yourself if you are a business owner do you need to market your business? What marketing channels do I use and do I have the right resources in place to drive successful revenue growth?

Finding your customers

For small businesses and for that matter any business, your most important asset is your customers. Without them you won’t even have a business and keeping them is even a bigger task. From my experience, I have found many small businesses fail due to lack of marketing resources and lack of strategic focus. Small Business Magazine’s contributing writer Paul Chaney announced failure to "advertise and market" is one of the important reasons why small businesses fail.

Finding the right marketing channel

Marketing has evolved from its traditional channels of just placing an advertisement or attending a trade show.  With so many ways to get your message across to your target audience, I have found that small businesses are overwhelmed with the understanding of how, when, and what medium to use to get the most bang for their buck.


While start-up business owners may have industry-specific experience related to their product or service, they may lack the skillset required for the development of something as simple as crafting a logo or incorporating a social media element.  Eric Sherman, a Contributor to Inc. Magazine reported that 28% of small business owners say they lack marketing/advertising skills.

Companies need to ensure that their branding messages are well defined, executed, and easily found through various communication channels so that they attract attention and ultimately generate interest.  They need to tell their prospective customers what differentiates them from their competitors and why their competitors need their product and/or services.

You ask, "Why am I passionate?" Did you know that according to Forbes Magazine there are almost 28 million small businesses in the US with 22 million self-employed business owners that have no additional payroll or employees?  Don’t you think small businesses should have the same marketing benefits that large organizations gain from the utilization of large well-funded service companies?

I believe so. There is no reason why a small business shouldn’t have a well-structured go-to-market strategy like any large corporation.  I want Brainstorm Marketing Partners to fill this gap.  Making it easier for the little guy to do business, being a trusted partner, and giving my clients the same results as a well-funded marketing department or a large corporation.

I will be blogging about several areas relating to marketing and small business owners.  So, come back next week and learn more from Brainstorm Marketing Partners.

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