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Small business owners - Finding success in your backyard?

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

local marketing for small business owners

Small businesses often face the challenge of reaching potential customers when cash flow and marketing budgets are limited. Therefore, local marketing techniques become key to your integrated strategy - allowing you to focus on a niche market while gaining a competitive edge. So, what is local marketing? It is the ability to get your messages out to your targeted local population (town or region), rather than the masses through marketing activities that are both digital and traditional.

Did you know that in 2016 SCORE, a nonprofit resource partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration, reported that 90 percent of Americans shop at small businesses at least once a week thanks to their convenience, unique inventory and stellar customer service? Even though this statistic is outdated consumer behavior is not expected to change into 2019. Advocating for consumers to buy locally and doing it effectively can payoff big with brand awareness, visibility, customer loyalty, successful relationship building, and increased revenue within the business community.

In this post, you’ll learn a bit about the tools you can use for your business to showcase your brand to a local audience.

1. Search Engine Optimization that is targeted to your geographic area

Everyone uses the internet to find local businesses that can service their needs. We all plug in a few key words and phrases into the search bar and out pours results through Google’s search engine. If you are a local small business it is critical for your business name to reside at the top of the search engine page. Begin by using keywords and phrases that are specific to your local business. According to HubSpot 75% of online viewers never scroll past the first page of search engines.

2. Networking and Partnering with Local Associations

The opportunity to network with outside organizations is the easiest way to get exposure to your business and attract customers. You might want to consider joining your local Chamber of Commerce, making connections with your local Small Business Administration, or participating in referral networks such as a local Business Network International (BNI) chapter. These organizations will allow you to get the word out about your business while leveraging word of mouth marketing opportunities.

3. Local Events with Educational Flair

Depending upon where you live and your business location, there may be many opportunities for your organization to participate in local events such as regional trade shows, speaking events, or developing your own lunch and learn session. If your budget is tight you may want to consider teaming up with local organizations that complement your brand and co-sponsor an event. This is an excellent way to get your business in front of local clientele and generate leads for future nurturing.

4. Old School It – The Use of Directories

Depending on your business needs local marketing with the use of Yelp, Foursquares, Google My Business and many others are a must-have. This will allow local potential customers to find you quickly and pops up when they search for a local business. It is estimated that 72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles.

I hope you enjoyed this educational session. Try some of these local marketing ideas and send us your comments. We want to hear what led to your success.

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